Easy and intuitive dashboard. Information about your site is easily accessible.

Multiple Languages

Open Blog has been translated into several languages and more is coming.


Open Blog comes with a default theme. Download new themes or create your own.

User Management

Manage Users with ease and allow your users access only certain areas.


Easily create pages and use Open Blog as a website or extra information for visitors.

Blog Posts

Easily create new posts for your blog. Subscribed users automatically get updates.


Share links to your favorite websites or services with visitors.


Share links to your social media so visitors can find all of your content.

Markdown Editor

There's no need to learn Markdown, we provide an easy to use editor.

Open Source

Open Blog is MIT Licensed. It's free to download, use and make your own.

SEO Friendly

Open Blog provides short, search engine friendly URLs for your posts and pages.


It's easy to find out when we have released an update for Open Blog.