Create Database

Before you begin, you'll need to create a database, username, and a password for your MySQL or MariaDB database. Once you've completed this step, continue.


To begin installing Open Blog download download in from [download link] or the Github Repository

Upload to server

Unzip and upload to your server with your favorite ftp client.


We'll assume you've uploaded the files to your server in the root www directory which has the domain, just make sure to use yours instead of

Point your browser

Next, point your browser to your domain name.


If everything has uploaded properly you'll be greeted by the Open Blog installer.

Installer Intro


The installer will walk you through installation. Please take note of green check marks and red Xs. We try to help make sure all necessary directories are writable.

Once you have all green check marks, click the "Begin Installation" button.

Installer Step 1

Explanations of Step 1

Server Type: Many servers give you the option to rewrite urls on the fly. If you don't know what type of server you're using, you should ask your host. Most hosts use 'Apache with mod_rewrite' but some dont. If you're not sure, you can probably choose 'Apache without mod_rewrite' relatively safely, it can be changed later.

Database Type: Choose the type of database you have available. Most hosts provide MySQL/MariaDB.

Installation Base URL: It is VERY IMPORTANT this entry is correct. Enter the http address where you are installing Open Blog. Do not include /installer! We write this to your configuration file and your site will not work if entered incorrectly.

Database: Enter the information you created your database for open blog.

Note about Database Prefix

You may change this to anything you like in case you need to avoid a conflict in an existing database. 'ob_' is the default prefix.

Once you've entered all the necessary information click the Continue button.

Step 2 - Create Admin Account

If all has gone well so far, you are presented with the opportunity to create the administrator account. Make sure you use a strong password. Once you have entered the account information click the Continue button.

WARNING: By Clicking Continue Open Blog will begin installing itself by writing the necessary file and database entries.

Step 3 - Installation Complete!

Congratulations, Open Blog is now installed and you can begin using it.

If you've run into trouble, you can view our trouble shooting guide or contact us for help.